Visconti's Forgotten Heir

UK November 2013                       USA November 2013


The memory of his touch...

At her new job interview, single mom Magenta James feels like her life is finally back on track after suffering from amnesia.  Until she meets Andreas Visconti's familiar sapphire gaze across the desk…. 

She just knows the Italian CEO is the father of her child, but when she doesn't get the job, it's clear they parted on bad terms.  Then he offers her a new role…as his very personal assistant.  

Now Magenta will have to rearrange the scattered puzzle of her memory in order to make sense of the sensual tension that burns between them….

        'An alpha male oozing sex appeal and a razor-sharp heroine -                                  - the perfect combination!'
                                                   Karen, Teacher, St Ives


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