Heart of Ice

UK 1990

Clay had been cold, cruel and calculating, and Tiffany never wanted to see him again.   Now that his twin brother, Carter, was her new employer and the owner of the hotel in which she lived, how was she going to avoid staring at his face, knowing that it would always remind her of the man who had betrayed her, how would she stop herself falling victim to the seductive power of his deep brown eyes;  how would she, a warm and happy-go-lucky Libran, escape from the most ruthless of Capricorns, whose only goal seemed to be her utter and complete destruction....?

Author Notes:
"This is the rare one!    To launch the 'Starsign Romance' series in 1990 it was given as a gift to the UK Direct Reader Service, and apart from a French edition, it was not published outside of the UK"

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