The Disobedient Wife

UK Sept 1997                            USA Feb 2000

Love, honour and disobey?

Kendal took her marriage vows seriously.   She was devoted to her husband and baby son.   But there was room in her life for a career as well, wasn't there?   Jarrad didn't think so.   He expected Kendal to be a dutiful wife and mother - whilst he had a successful career...and a glamorous mistress.

There was no proof of Jarrad's infidelity, but Kendal couldn't live with her suspicions, or Jarrad, any longer.   Her marriage seemed over.   Until the unthinkable happened:   someone kidnapped their baby!   Forced to turn to Jarrad for help, Kendal realised that her career, her independence, meant nothing without the man she loved...and their baby.


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